Develop/source/introduce new technologies for use in prisons that will support offenders in their rehabilitation and eventual reintegration back into the community and in doing so, reduce recidivism and the offender’s risk to the public.


Critically research and assess new technologies going into prisons to ascertain how it can support offenders during their rehabilitation and eventual reintegration so that learning and continual improvement in its use can be achieved.


Introduce ‘tailored technology’ that will meet the needs of vulnerable prisoner groups such as older and foreign national prisoners.


Utilise technology to reduce the disparity between prison and community life and the offender’s experience of that.


Improve communications and activities between an offender and their family so that important familial ties and bonds can be maintained throughout their sentence


Provide interesting, useful and purposeful in cell activities for prisoners through technology that will assist in helping them remain engaged with the regime and their personal development.


Develop or source a broad range of leading edge technologies that will support prisons in their efforts to create safer prison communities.


Support the security imperative by only utilising technology that fully meets or surpasses all security requirements